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Nightingale PHM - Compact Spot Check Monitor with Thumb ECG

A New Concept for the Exam Room

The Nightingale PHM Monitor combines the measurement quality of a hospital-grade patient monitor with the display capability of an information kiosk. The result is a clinical tool that measures vital signs and provides education to your patients.

Efficient Vital Signs Measurement

In addition to ECG, the Nightingale PHM measures Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature and Patient Weight in a single device. The easy-to-use interface allows you to perform other patient assessment activities at the same time.

Exergen temperature

The Nightingale PHM utilizes the advanced technology of Exergen temperature measurement for convenient, fast, and reliable readings.

ECG in Seconds

Is your patient complaining of chest pain or dizziness? Simply ask the patient to touch the Quick ECG™ pads on the front of the Nightingale PHM and you will see an ECG rhythm in seconds, without the need for gel electrodes or suction cups.

Patient Education

Is it flu season? The Nightingale PHM can display a reminder about the importance of a flu shot. All of your PHMs can be configured at the same time to display the content of your choosing – education, service announcement, advertisement.

Billing Support

The Nightingale PHM can connect to your office’s computer network and archive measurement results to your server for documentation and insurance billing purposes.

Designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA

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