Central Monitoring

Nightingale System

The Nightingale Monitoring System provides alarm surveillance, trending, and reporting at an affordable price. The system is suitable for clinical settings including the emergency room, triage, PACU, endoscopy suite, step-down unit, and subacute care unit, to name a few.

Nightingale MPC

At the center of the system is the Nightingale Multi-Patient Consoleā„¢ (MPC). The MPC serves as the central monitoring station for the Nightingale Monitoring System.

The Nightingale MPC connects to a network of Nightingale PPM3 bedside patient monitors, allowing a clinician to view information from up to 64 patients at once.

The MPC is a Windows based workstation combined with advanced communications interface hardware.

Nightingale PPM3

The Nightingale PPM3 provides non-invasive vital signs monitoring, including 3- or 5-lead ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, respiration (CO2 or impedance), and temperature. Optional configurations include invasive pressure monitoring. The PPM3 contains proprietary hardware and software needed to perform complex data acquisition and signal processing tasks, allowing it to produce accurate and reliable measurements of physiological parameters.

The PPM3 utilizes a familiar trim knob and simple set of control keys for user interaction, together with a high brightness color display for enhanced visibility. The PPM3 also contains built-in hardware for networking and printing. The PPM3 raises a new standard of convenience, economy, and ease of use in patient monitors.

Weighing only 4.5 pounds, including a 5 hour lithium ion battery, the PPM3 is one of the lightest full-featured vital signs monitors in the world. Also, at less than 3.0 inches thin, the PPM3 fits easily into even the most crowded bedside environments.

Designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA

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