Corporate Profile

Zoe Medical was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing affordable, high quality, patient monitoring systems to under-served healthcare sectors including the home health monitoring field. Based in Massachusetts, Zoe Medical has in-house expertise in the areas of medical device design, manufacturing, regulatory compliance and field service. We design, build and sell patient monitoring systems under our own name, and also license our technology to other companies in the form of design services. We are FDA-registered and have experience with the 510(k) regulatory process for sales in the USA. In addition, we are certified to apply the CE Mark to medical devices for sales in the European Union.

Zoe Medical aims to provide an ethical and honorable way to grow profitably with performance that surpasses the expectations of those who are served by the company. Our desire is to reintegrate patients more quickly into normal family and community life. This is reflected in our company name “Zoe”, which comes from the Greek word for “abundant life”.

Investor Information

Zoe Medical is a privately-owned company that is incorporated in Massachusetts. It is majority-owned by its employees, and self-sustaining from patient monitor sales and design service revenue. Zoe Medical holds patents or other intellectual property in the areas of physiological signal acquisition circuitry, signal processing algorithms, and medical user interface applications. We are always open to discussions with a potential strategic partner. For further information, please contact Zoe Medical by phone at (978) 887-1410 Extension 40 or by e-mail via our Contact Information page.

The Zoe Team

Zoe Medical is managed by a team of executives and senior engineers who have worked together for 25+ years in the medical device industry. Team members are listed in numerous medical device-related patents and have experience from companies including Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Motorola. The company founder and CEO, Bengt Hermanrud PhD, has served as Vice President of Research and Development in the Siemens Medical Group.

Quality Certified

Zoe Medical maintains a quality system in compliance with ISO 13485.

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