Intelligent Large Display (ILD)

ILD is a software application that runs on a Windows PC, and is part of the Zoe Medical Nightingale Monitoring System. The ILD serves as a secondary monitoring station for the Nightingale PPM3 bedside monitor, allowing you to view the PPM3 screen in a separate location and on a larger display. Unlike a slave display, the ILD gives you the ability to interact with the PPM3 monitor to take actions such as silencing alarms, starting/stopping NIBP measurements, or configuring the PPM3 screen. You can install the ILD software on any PC that is connected to your office LAN (Local Area Network). The PPM3 monitor also needs to be connected to the LAN in order to use the ILD.

To start a free trial, click the link below. The download package includes the ILD software, setup instructions, and user guide.

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